Welcome Cody! Born 5-2-2020 54% bison bull calf

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Stay tuned for updates on Cody as well as news regarding local beef shares

The above photo was taken December 4th 2020. Look how much Cody has grown! He is about seven months old now 🙂

Cody loves rolling around in his food and eating while laying down. He is best buddies with his big sister, Gail and enjoys when we spray his face with water! Cody will run up to the gate if I have a hose. I really wish my horses were as eager to get sprayed in the face! Cody is fearless, has to be in the middle of whatever I am doing and always thinks everything I do is for him. This gets him into trouble sometimes! It has been so much fun to watch him grow, he is a joy to have around. Rain or 110 degree shine, 100% of the time Cody is happy little dude!

Why Beefalo? (and what is Beefalo, anyways?)

Beefalo are the offspring of domestic European cattle (Bos taurus) and American Bison/Buffalo (Bison bison)

What makes Beefalo & Bison cross cattle superior to other beef breeds?

-Exceptional quality meat- Beefalo claims the prize of “Best Grass-fed Steak in America” more years than “standard” breeds. The coveted American Royal Steak Competition judges steaks on flavor and texture. The maximum bison content allowed for a USDA animal to be considered “beef” is 37.5% so sadly Cody has too much bison blood to qualify for the contest. That just means more for us!

-Longer Reproductive Lifespan

-Good maternal instincts

-High conception rates, excellent milk production and quality

-Ease of calving/small birth weight yet…

Rapidly growing calves don’t need hormones or grain for exceptional gain

-Desiese ressistant

-Tolerant of extreme heat and cold

-Requires up to 40% less cost to produce vs. traditional breeds (for those with access to grazing)

-It’s very healthy! According to the USDA beefalo has:

-Superior vitamin levels vs. regular beef

-Nearly 1/3 less cholesterol vs. regular beef

-79% less fat vs. regular beef

-66% less calories vs. regular beef

More information can be found on the ABA website:


Fullblood Wagyu coming spring 2021! Reserve your share now!

Please contact us to reserve or get on the waiting list for your share of locally raised, speciality finished Wagyu or Beefalo!

Due to COVID-19: We apologize for the inconvenience however, Farm tours are currently closed to the public and ONLY available to those with beef share. We are always happy to safely accommodate beef-shareholders so they can meet their animal.

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